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Geoff & Janine Williamson are thrilled to announce we have purchased  Dollys Brollys 

from Sandra & Garry Bentley who have owned and loved this business for over 10 years but have other interests they wish to develop now. So we going to grow it and are excited about the new umbrellas we can get!!
We also look for to helping you select your favourites!




Orchid & Flower Show

Retail Exhibition September 2016

22nd - 25th September 2016. Held in Auckland’s ASB Showgrounds over 4 days, the Orchid + Flower Show features displays from NZ gardening and orchid societies, growers and overseas participants, a photo competition, art displays, quilt displays, school children’s art. Dollys Brollys were invited to bring along a selection of our flower and animal umbrellas and tote bags for display/sale.

Over the 4 days of the show there were several thousands of visitors that attended all of which got to see our great selection of umbrellas. Sales were so unexpectedly brisk that we had to make an emergency drive back to Tauranga on the 2nd night to get more stock! At also poured with rain on the last day of the show - so our brollys were really popular!

The show was a great success for us as it was the first full retail show that we had done since the WOT Not to Wear Fashion Show at Classic Flyers in 2013. The added highlight for Sandra was that were also a large number of special exhibition quilts on display as part of the show. Even one of Sandra's Quilts was on display! So it was a great all round show that had plenty to offer for everyone. Best of all - it smelt really great with the perfume from all the flowers!


Sandra with Orchid Sign Show Stand at Orchid Show Display of Orchids


Upgrade to Website Functionality

New Look and Improved Functionality for July 2015

To celebrate 5 years of being in business Dollys Brollys has taken a bold step forward in the way that we do business with our customers from now on.

We are proud to release our new website to the market. This website not only has a luxury modern style but features new functionality that enhances the customer experience with us. The website is not only a more dynamic and exciting esperience for our web customers it is now a web portal where our wholesale customers can place their orders directly on-line with their own special pricing.

Some of the new usability features for web customers are:Web Design Logo

  • Personalised shopping by creating your own account
  • Keep up to date on new products with regular email Newsletters
  • Ability to search for specific products by a range of search criteria
  • Create wishlists and directly compare individual products side-by-side
  • Vew different images of all the products in greater clarity
  • Add Tags and create your own reviews of the products

If you are a wholesale customer you can now create a login to the website for yourself. Once activated you will be able to see all the products with your trade pricing. Ordering the products you want is as simple as clicking on each product and slecting a quantity. Then processing the purchase through the shopping cart where you will have a choice of payment options. NOTE that wholesale customer must have a valid Trade Account with Dollys Brollys. 

This new website was designed and created for us by the really great guys at REBU - Web Design and Hosting in Hamilton based on the Magento SM Jare Theme. Check them out!

We hope you enjoy using our new website. We would love to hear any feedback from you. Please use the Contact Us utility to let us know what you think.


Everywhere She Went she always brought the weather!

In April 2014 New Zealand played host to the Royal couple the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge William and Katherine.

That month was one of the wettest on record for New Zealand. But the bad weather did not stop Kate and William from performing their Royal duties to record crowds. One thoughtful public servant (the lady Mayoress of Blenheim) presented Katherine with an LR800 PVC Dome umbrella purchased from Dolly's Brollys for just this occasion. Katherine then put it to good use on various stops on her tour through the rest of New Zealand.

The Royal Family has a long history of using PVC Dome umbrellas on their public walk-abouts to protect them from the often inclement weather in the UK. In fact that particular brand of umbrellas is made by Fulton Umbrellas in the UK who has a Royal Warrant to supply to the Royal family. Dolly's Brollys are proud to have been able to play our small part in making the Royal visit to New Zealand such as success.


Upgrade to Website Functionality

Improved Functionality for 2014

After 3 years of operation in January 2014 Dollys Brollys finally upgraded this website to have a fully integrated Credit Card Electronic Transaction capability for our web customers to use when purchasing umbrellas directly from the web site.

It has greatly simplified the processing of customers sales and made the website more accessible to the general public.

Our next planned development on the website will be to create a log in portal for our wholesale customers through which they may place their orders directly with us. Look out for this development later this year!



Spring Gift & Homeware Fair

Trade Show Exhibition 2013

1st - 3rd September 2013. Was held at the Auckland Showgrounds. This was our fourth outing to the Auckland Gift Fair. We were located in Hall 7 at te far end. We had a nice long show stand and were still able to display the biggest range of umbrellas by any supplier at the show. This of course reflects that we stock the largest range of fashion and childrens umbrellas in New Zeland. New products we released at the show were new designs in Galleria range. We also released a new range of childrens Backpacks to match the dome umbrellas in the Bugzz range. We also had 8 new womens manual folding umbrella designs (spots, stripes, faux animal prints and a rose garden design. Also new for this summer is our ange of UV Protection umbrellas that will provide SunSmart UV protection.

It was great to catch up with our existing customers! We were also heartend by the number of new people that approached us at the show and enthused over our umbrella range. We welcome them all aboard as new customers.

The show was certainly a success for us this year and we plan to be back again this time at the Autumn Gift Fair in March 2012. So look out for us then.


Wot To Wear and Not Wear Show at Classic Flyers May 2013 in Support of Women's Breast Cancer Support Service

16th May 2013. This special show in support of the Breast Cencer Support Service Tauranga Trust was held at the Classic Flyers Aviation Museum in Mt Maunganui, Tauranga. Suzie Johnson from oosh believes that New Zealand women should feel good about themselves and highlighted this message with two hours of fun and laughter dispensing tips on how women can highlight their assets and camouflage their not-quite-assets.

Dollys Brollys was invited to display our umbrellas at the show in support of this worthy cause. 10% of the value of our sales from the show was donated to the Support Trust.


Autumn Gift & Homeware Fair

Trade Show Exhibition 2012

4th - 6th March 2012. Held at the Auckland Showgrounds. This was our third Trade Show but our firs Autumn Gift Fair. We were lucky to get a good corner spot in Hall 6 that worked really well for us. The response to our stand was overwhelmng. We got so many new customers that just loved our umbrellas and childrens ponchos. We recieved many comliments of the colour and impact of our show stand. We will certainly be retuning to the Autumn Gift Fair in 2013.

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