Tartan Collection

Tartan Collection

CliftonSCROLL DOWN to discover our exclusive range of Tartan styled umbrellas from Clifton.

Available as folding, regular stick and clear PVC Dome umbrellas.

With a choice of three different clans - which one is yours?

Royal Stewart

The Stewart name is descended from a French noble whose son Walter came to Scotland in the 12th Century and was appointed to the prestigious title of High Steward of the Royal House. In later years, Walter the 6th married Robert the Bruce's daughter, and it is from them that the Royal House of Stewart is descended.

Camel Thomson Tartan

The name Thomson literally means "Son of Thom" or Thomas with the earliest recorded being Adam Thomson, a Lord in Ayrshire in 1370. The Thomson tartan is relatively recent in that the Dress (blue) Thomson and Hunting(Green) were first registered with Lord Lyon on behalf of Lord Thomson of Fleet in 1958, but are now available to all Thomson. The very popular Camel Thomson is a variation on these.

Black Watch Tartan

This tartan belongs to the famous 42nd Royal Highland Regiment. In the early 18th Century there was great unrest in the Highlands with the Jacobite Risings. To restore peace on the land, a military force or "watch" was formed in six independent companies. They carried out their duties with such fervour and price that the Government formed them into one Regiment - the 42nd Royal Regiment. To honour this new Platoon a tartan was created, and because of its sombre colour and distinction from the scarlet uniform of the regular army, the Regiment was known as "Am Freiceadan Dubh" or the "Black Watch".



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