Clear PVC Collection

Clear PVC Collection

Kate with PVC umbrellaOur exclusive PVC Collection features the same clear Birdcage (dome) design as used by the Queen and Kate Middleton (Duchess of Gloucester).

The manufacturer of the patented runner used in our umbrellas "Fulton Umbrellas" is one of the few British umbrella companies to be appointed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Kate Middleton even used one of our Dolly's Brolly's dome umbrellas on her recent visit to New Zealand.

Click on this link to find out more about why the Royal Family choose to use Fulton PVC Birdcage (dome) umbrella.

We also have a range of regular auto-opening PVC stick umbrellas with polka dots on them that are fun items.

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All PVC umbrellas come with a "protective" dusting on the inside. This is to prevent the PVC panels from sticking together when they become too hot during transit or storage this prevents the PVC from ripping. This dust or powder is NOT due to the product being dirty or not cared for whilst in our hands.

Do not wash this dusting off the inside of your umbrella.


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